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Available on Apple's App Store; this application is used to monitor your calorie intake and your calorie burning during exercise, plus much much more! It has been developed in conjunction with people who wanted an app that did what they wanted, not what they were told to use by dietary companies. You will be amazed how much your diet actually costs you!!! Key features include: Activity Monitor: Monitor your calorie burning during exercise. BMI (Body mass index). Dimension Tracker: Monitor your bodies dimensions. Loss or gain due to your good work. Food Diary: Monitor your food intake and count the calories on a daily basis. Health: Keep a check on your blood pressure, SPO2 and body temperature. Meals: Create meals so they can be used over and over again in the Food Diary. Recipes: Keep a list of your favourite recipes so you can make them again. Shopping List: Each meal listed in the Food Diary will add to your Shopping List so the ingredients can be replenished. Summary To Date: Shows your Dimension Tracker progress. Water: Keep a check on your daily fluid intake. Weight Tracker: Monitor your weight. Your Diary: Enter daily information on anything you want for future reference. Good luck with losing weight pre or post Christmas. Look good for the people you love and the people who love you. Click here for a full review and download it or simply go on Apple’s App store, search for ‘Slimming Diary’ and look for the brown diary.

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